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The best place for fundraising events 

Whatever may be the cause, if you are collecting money for some purpose a great way to raise the money is through fundraising events. A fundraising event involves organizing a show and inviting people to attend. People would get to enjoy the show with dinner/snacks. The money they pay for the ticket would go towards the fund.

If you are running a social service venture and looking for a venue to organize fundraising events, then you must consider Comedy Cave. It is one of the best venues in Calgary for events that include a comedy show and dinner. Comedy Cave can bring in some of the best comics to entertain your audience and make your fundraising event a success.

Organizing an event 

Getting a fundraiser event organized through Comedy Cave is easy. All you need to do is get in touch with them. Just tell them how many guests would be attending. Decide on the dinner and beverage menu as per their plans. Decide what entertainment event would be offered. Once you do this, Comedy Cave can take care of everything for you.

They can host the event with a venue and also organize entertainers. Dinner and drinks would be served prepared by the popular kitchen & bar at the club. They can even create a digital invitation for you saving you time. You can promote the event on their website and share the link. Guests can pay online and buy tickets. They will track ticket sales for you and give you complete information.

With their experience in their field, Comedy Cave can also help you with ideas for fundraising. They can guide you on how to make your fundraising events more successful. Whether it is silent auctions or anything else you are planning, it can be done at Comedy Cave in the most effective way.


Organizing fun and exciting event to raise money for your group just got a whole lot easier with The Comedy Cave!

  1. How many Guests?

  2. Pick Dinner/Beverage Plan

  3. Choose Entertainment

Plus many more custom options!

The Comedy Cave Also:

✅ Creates the digital invite for you

✅ Links to our website where it’s promoted

✅ Guests pay for tickets via website

✅ We track tickets sold

✅ Helps you with fundraising ideas and tools to maximize funds raised

✅ Lots of room for silent auctions

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