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Alcoholic beverages

  • Domestic Beers
    Canadian, Kokanee, Bud, Rickard's Red, Alexander Keith's, MGD, Pilsner, Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, New Grist (Gluten Free), Sleeman Honey Brown, Moosehead, Wildrose IPA, Labatt 50, Old Milwaukee, PBR, Michelob Ultra
  • Imported Beer
    Heineken, Corona, Stella, Guinness, Modello
  • Draft Beer (16oz)
    Budweiser, Bud Light, Kokanee Gold, Wraspgerry Ale, Barracks Brown, Velvet Fog
  • Coolers & Ciders
    Smirnoff Ice, Apple Smirnoff, raspberry Smirnoff, Mike's Hard Cranberry, Mike's Hard Lemonade, White Claw Mango, White Claw Lime, Nutrl Pineapple
    Strongbow, Angry Orchid, Hey Y'all Georgia Peach
  • Hi Balls (1oz)
    Any of the following well liquors:
    Vodka, Rye, Rum, Dark Rum, Gin, Tequila
    Mixed with:
    Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Ice Tea, Soda, Tonic Water, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice
  • Premium Liquors(1oz)
    Served straight up or mixed with one of our juices or pops. Some of the more famous brands that we carry
    Smirnoff, Bacardi, Luxardo, Absolute, Lambs Navy, Appleton Estates, Crown Royal, Gibson's, Bombay Gin, Tanqueray Gin, Glenfiddich, Jose Cuervo, Malibu Rum, Captain Morgan Spiced rum, Jameson, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Glenmorangie, Canadian Club, Johnny Walker Red Label, Lemonhart, Sailor Jerry's Beefeater Pink, Kraken Spiced Rum
  • Top Shelf Premiums(1oz)
    Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek, Bulleitt, Don Juilo, Cabo Wabo, Patron, Grey Goose, Van Gogh, Belvedere, New Amsterdam, El Dorado, Havana Club Anemone, Clement Rum, Glenlivet, Johnnie Walker Black, Glen Morganie, Bowmore, Straight Rye, Lot 40 Copper Still, Hendricks Gin, No 3 London Dry Gin, Titos Vodka, Forty Creek Rye
  • Flavored Spirits(1oz)
    Raspberry, Vanilla, Blueberry Stoli, Orange Stoli, Crown Royal Apple, Canadian Club Blackberry, Smirnoff Vodka Cherry, Honey Jack, Whitley Neil Raspberry Gin, Fireball Whiskey
  • Liqueurs(1oz)
    Served hot or cold, or with your favorite mix, the choice is yours. Here are some of the more famous Liqueurs we serve:
    Grand Marnier, Frangelico, Jagermeister, Irish Cream, Creme de Cacco, Creme de Menthe, Blue Curaco, Triple Sex, Rootbeer Schnapps, Butter Ripple Schnapps, Peach Schnapps, Peppermint Schanpps, Sambuca, Ouzo, Drambuie, Baja Roza, Vermouth(dry and sweet), Red Sourpuss, Green Sourpuss, Black Sambuca
  • Cognac and Brandy (1.5oz)
    Courvoiser, Hannessy, Napoleon, E and J Brandy
  • Cocktails(1oz)
    Caesar, Paralyzer, Screwdriver, Black Russian, White Russian, Brown Cow, Sex on the Beach, Rusty Nail, Tequila Sunrise, Popsicle, Long Island Ice Tea, Singapore Sling, Slime, Candy Apple, Old Fasion
  • Shooters
    Pornstar, Lemon Drop, Gladiator, China White, Prairie Fire, TKO, Rocky Mountain, Sicilian Kiss, Sour Jack, Burt Reynolds, Crispy Crunch, B-52
  • Wine
    Served by the glass or bottle. Ask your server for a wine menu.
  • Hot Drinks / After Dinner Drinks(1oz)
    Monte Cristo:
    Kahula and Grand Mainer with coffee and topped with whipped cream
    Bailey's and Coffee:
    Baileys served with coffee and topped with whipped cream Spanish Coffee:
    Kahula and Brandy served with coffee and topped with whipped cream
    Irish Coffee:
    Irish whiskey and Irish cream served with coffee and topped with whipped cream
    Cave Grande: The Comedy Cav's signature after dinner drink Kahula, Baileys and vodka mixed with coffee and topped with whipped cream

Non - Alcoholic Beverages

  • Soda (non-refillable)
    Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Tonic, Soda, Sprite, Iced Tea
  • Bottled Soda
    Black Cherry Cola, Orange, Cream Soda
  • Juices
    Orange, Pineapple, Clamato, Cranberry
  • Coffee
  • San Pellegrino
  • Milk
  • Red Bull, Sugar Free Red Bull Red Rain
  • Budweiser Zero
  • Virgin Drinks
    Virgin Caesar, Shirley Temple
Just Because it is not listed does not mean we do not serve it. Ask your server if you would like something that is not listed
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