Christmas party

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Christmas party

An Exclusive Christmas Party for your team

Christmas is the time when everyone is in celebration time. Companies like to organize Christmas parties for their employees, so they can have a great celebration at the end of the year. Organizing a party at the office involves a lot of hassles, which is why companies look at doing it at Christmas party venues Calgary.

If you want the best Christmas party Calgary venue, then Comedy Cave is the best option. This club known for hosting great comedy shows is also popular for renting out space for parties. If you want to organize the best Christmas party, you can do it at the Comedy Cave.

Christmas party at the Comedy Cave 

If you are planning a Christmas party for your team, then you can get it done at the Comedy Cave. If your team strength is a minimum of 30, then you can plan the party for just $38 per person. If you have a team of 50 people, then you can get an exclusive party for your group at their premises (from Sunday to Thursday). For an exclusive party on Friday or Saturday, the group size should be 80.

You need to hurry because there are limited slots. When you plan your party at the Comedy Club, you will get the following:

  • A party venue where you can party and attend a great comedy show.
  • The party can be customized specially for your team if you plan well in advance.
  • An event manager will be available to ensure your Christmas party event goes on without any problems.
  • A great buffet dinner awaits guests with options available for vegetarians and those who prefer gluten-free dishes.
  • It is a party that your team will remember forever. They will have a great laugh watching the comedy show and enjoy an amazing dinner. A truly great way to celebrate Christmas.
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